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Storms bring hail to the Front Range

Got Hail Damage the spring of 2014?  If so most of the roofs with Hail Damage in the Denver area are not leaking so you have plenty of time to choose a reputable Roofing Company.  Don’t Get Scammed!  Here are a few dos and don’ts when considering a Roofing Contractor :

Do find out how long the Roofing Company has been around:  You want a company to be around to backup any guarantee.  After all what good is a guarantee if they are out of business the next year.  So how long has the Roofing Company been doing business in the Denver area?  Check the BBB for records, ask for referrals, how long have they been buying materials from a local supplier, how long has the phone number been around...These are simple ways to check if the company is from Colorado or just stopping by for a quick buck.

Don’t fall for:  We work directly with you insurance company so sign up now.  The fact is most roofing companies in Colorado work directly with and handle insurance claims.  So don’t get pressured into signing a contact because you’re told they work directly with your insurance company. 

Don’t sign any forms you are not clear about:  Some companies will ask you to sign a release so they can get on your roof or work with your insurance company.  What you are signing is a BLANK CONTRACT so beware. 

Do get a detailed Contract:  Make sure the Contract is Detailed so you know exactly what to expect.  Having a detailed contract not only protects you the homeowner but this also helps your Roofing Contractor fight for you when there is unforeseen cost.  Many homeowners get into trouble because they sign a blank contract.

Do check the back of your contract:  Some contracts can be tricky and have writing on the back that releases reasonability for simple things like leaving your roof uncovered during a rain storm.    

Don’t Get Pressured, Take You Time:  Many homeowners get pressured into signing a contract right now.  If you feel like you are being pressured find another company to work on you house.  If your house is not leaking you have plenty of time to find a quality Roofing Company in Denver.  If your house is leaking then it might be a simple patch or small tarp until you find a roofing contractor you feel comfortable with.

Do Have A Great Day:  And if you are looking for a Roofing Contractor in Metro Denver Mills Roofing would be happy to give you a Free estimate  Click Here